Why choose Urban for your Microblading?

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose UBL For Your Microblading Treatment


Great eyebrows are the holy grail of any make up routine. They frame your face and pull together your entire look. Full, flawless and beautifully defined brows are a girl’s best friend, but difficult to master. Fortunately, microblading can help you get it right every time.


However, microblading is a real art and skill. It takes an experienced, professional, well trained therapist to analyse your face and create the subtle, natural looking enhancement that creates the illusion of fuller brows we’re all looking for.


At Urban Beauty Lounge, we understand you want you to sit back and relax and know you’re in the hands of the best.


To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the top six reasons to trust us with your microblading treatment.


  1. The Urban Beauty Lounge was one of the first salons to bring the microblading treatment to mainstream Cape Town. We’re leaders in researching and introducing cutting edge beauty treatments.
  2. As we were one of the first to offer it, our therapists naturally have the most experience in microblading.
  3. We’re qualified microblading trainers. We’ve invested hours of additional study and practice to be able to teach and train other therapists.
  4. Our therapists are experts. They focus exclusively on microblading, which means their skills are honed, they’re specialists and have extensive practice.
  5. The Urban Beauty Lounge is a noted and recognised salon. We’ve been featured in Glamour magazine, Marie Claire, Huisgenoot/You magazine as well as a host of well known beauty blogs.
  6. Most importantly, our work speaks for itself. We have a gallery of consistently professional and beautiful results.


We’d love to enhance your natural beauty.


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