Caring for your lashes

Care for your eyelashes!

Care for your eyelashes!

Eyelash Extension Care – Please note, many after care factors can have a negative effect on the retention and health of your lash extensions and eyes.

  1. Always arrive timeously for your lash appointment with clean washed lashes/eyelids. Free of mascara, foundation and eye makeup. Your lash appointment has to end at the allotted time no matter what time you arrive. To receive fuller lashes then you need to be on time, with squeaky clean lashes (or the extensions won’t last very long) When faced with a reduction in treatment time the therapist will not be able to apply as many extensions leaving the lashes sparse. This is a disappointment to the client and a waste of money as the original charge still stands. We apply 5 – 7 lashes or fans per minute. 10 Minutes of basin time = 50 to 70 missing lashes!
  2. Do not wet them for 8 hours after your application or fills – the glue needs to set  (no water directly splashed onto them – you may use a facecloth to wipe around the lashes without touching them)
  3. Do not use cotton wipes, pads, towels or anything containing lint/fluff on the lashes –as they will hook. We sell a special yellow lint-free lash cloth
  4. Do not use oily makeup remover, makeup, creams, eye gels on or near the lashes as it seeps onto them – oil breaks down the glue bonds and they will slide off (Enquire about our oil-free remover + lint free cloth)
  5. Do not roughly pull on them or keep touching them as they will compromise your natural lashes if they pull out prematurely – oil on fingers breaks down the bonds
  6. Use an oil free foaming face cleanser DAILY on a wet face in the shower and wash the lashes with both ring fingers gently massaging the lash line in a downwards motion to remove makeup then use the oil free makeup remover and lint-free cloth (stocked by us) It is a myth that they should not be wet, failure to wash them with a product daily could attract eyelash mites and infections. We have experienced an upsurge in lash mites and infections purely related to hygiene.
    Please remember however, do NOT wet them directly after a fill, wait 8 hours.
  7. Use the disposable mascara brush provided to gently comb them, rather than using your fingers to position them. Do this in the morning as part of your makeup routine
  8. Remember, the following factors affect lash retention: oily skin type, heavy use of makeup (removal process pops lashes off) residue left on lashes on your fill day (glue cant adhere, wash off all mascara properly till the yellow cloth shows no more black) picking, rough sleeping, allergies (eye rubbing in your sleep)
  9. VERY IMPORTANT: book each fill when you have 75% of the lashes remaining – this differs from client to client so you have to monitor. Usually between 2-3 weeks. Please note that its essential that you book your appointments in advance to avoid disappointment
  10. Anything after 4 weeks is considered a FULL set and will be charged at the full set price. Having regular maintenance is more cost effective to you
  11. If you arrive for a fill and there are less than 30% remaining (this is not the norm) more time will be required. This will be considered a full set and charged accordingly. We may have to reschedule or split up the appointment
  12. Excessive tearing during the lash application will greatly affect the glue – we have no control over this
  13. Everyone loses an average of 4 lashes per eye, per day. Often you could experience a fallout phase and you can expect more

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