Makeup Removal

How to Remove the Eyelash Extension Mascara and Makeup:
I do not recommend the regular daily use of mascara (even extension brand we stock) often, as the removal process does entail a considerate amount of fiddling with the lashes. Often the removal is what destroys the lashes, not the mascara necessarily.

As per your eyelash extension care advice, please follow the tips provided to safely care for your lashes to prolong their life.

Before your lash fill appointment, PLEASE ensure all traces of mascara are absent as the residue prevents future adhesion for the new lash extensions filled. Arriving with mascara debris will steal 10 – 15 minutes from the precious lash filling time!

In order to remove the makeup and mascara (if used) you need special care.

  • Do not at any stage pull or yank on them as they will slide off
  • NEVER use wipes/buds/cloths containing lint or fluff
  • Never use oil or products containing oil – please enquire about our special oil free makeup remover (comes with cloth)
  • Wash your lashes carefully with oil free cleanser using your ring fingers in a downward stroking motion and repeat this step a few times  (mascara is more stubborn than you think)
  • Wet your special lint free cloth and squeeze out excess water till the cloth is left damp, not dripping
  • Pour some makeup remover on the cloth, make sure its quite wet
  • Fold the cloth into a small roll
  • Wipe across and downwards very carefully along the lash line to remove eyeliner
  • Use a cotton bud or cotton wipe as per usual with makeup remover for lower lashes
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