Permanent makeup Eyeliner

You will be required to fill in a consent form upon arrival
PLEASE NOTE that permanent makeup and microblading eyebrows WILL require a touch up appointment (at 75% of the price of the first session)

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing in which pigment is transferred into the upper layer of the skin, and can is applied with a tattoo pen machine. Although permanent cosmetics can fade over the years and require periodic touch-ups, they are considered permanent because the colour cannot be washed off.
Choose to have either subtle eyelash enhancing liner (invisible liner, doesn’t show unless your eye is open and fills the gaps between your eyelashes) or something more bold! Permanent eye makeup can be applied in a variety of ways to help enhance the eyes. Permanent eye liner can be applied to line both the top and bottom lids, to create a soft look, a defined line, or anything in between.

4 Reasons to get permanent eyeliner:

  • If you are allergic to make up
  • If you don’t seem to have a steady hand for that perfect flawless line
  • You want to enhance your eyelashes, to make them look fuller
  • Loss of eyelashes due to medical reasons, for defining the lash line
  • Saves time every morning, without the hassle
  • You want to look naturally enhanced and at your best, fresh out of the shower!

Choose your colours: brown, grey, green, charcoal or black (we only stock natural shades)

Desired result will be discussed in the consultation, touch ups may be required and cost 75% of original fees.

Permanent Eyeliner Cape Town

Permanent Eyeliner Top and Bottom

Aftercare for Permanent Eyeliner
Gallery for Permanent Eyeliner 


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