Preparing for your permanent lips

You will be required to fill in a consent form so please download this form, print and fill in for your session. Click here (we do keep printed copies if required, but this saves a large amount of time out of the procedure) Please arrive earlier if you have not managed to print it. Permanent makeup payments are either EFT (prior) or cash on the day, thank you.

Cold sore sufferers: BEWARE! Trauma to the lips almost always causes an outbreak, please get an anti viral prescription from your doctor to reduce the risk of this happening – must take this a week before and a week after the procedure.

Please take anti inflammatories on the day if you’d like to manage the swelling – Coxflam or Cataflam is fine and Myprodol for pain after anaesthetic wears off.

Please note touch ups may be required to ensure there is even coverage, this is charged at 75% of the original price (on our own work)

Please send us pictures of the colours you like or bring in the lipsticks you like!

Great Tip: Take a before picture now to document your process! Send us after shots so we can all enjoy!

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