Competition Bodybuilder/Fitness Tan

79153da66951bf25b3e8e45dcfbb9274You have trained endless hours, carefully fuelled your body – now its time for your outer colour to shine!
For consumers looking to achieve the darkest of self-tanning results for body building, pageants, theater and dance competitions – e.g.: Mr & Ms Fitness
Western Province Natural Body Building
For Competitive/Stage Tanning, multiple applications or sessions may be necessary to achieve desired colour.

When planning for a Saturday event we recommend the following spray schedule:

  • Thursday (9 am) 1st full body spray
  • Friday (7 am) warm water rinse only*
  • Friday (9 am) 2nd full body spray
  • Saturday (7 am) warm water rinse only*
  • Saturday (9 am) 3rd full body spray with Express Tan (washes off in 4 hours)

The Urban Beauty Lounge recommends a trial run of our spray tanning routine 30 days prior to any competitive event.
Immediately prior to competitive event: the contestant can apply additional colour where needed.

Mr & Ms Fitness
Western Province Natural Body Building

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