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Best Spray Tan in Cape Town

You need to plan which day you schedule your tan, a day before your event is sufficient or first thing in the morning of the event (if its an evening event)

Here are the instructions for before you come for your spray tan:

On the day of your tan:

Please note: It’s VITAL that you schedule waxing for the day before the spray tan! (It leaves a waxy layer on your skin that blocks out the spray tan)

Same day as tan: Exfoliate entire body and shave legs, underarms etc (If you are a regular shaver) with foaming wash to remove all oils/creams.  We stock the perfect exfoliating body sponge (R55) Its the best way to remove the right amount of dead skin cells and you’re left with a polished blank canvas to spray tan!

Do not apply any creams, lotions, perfumes or make-up, absolutely nothing. A slight layer over toes and ankles is acceptable if you’re particularly dry. Blend well though. A small amount of deodorant is fine, although not recommended.

What to wear:
Wear loose fitting, dark clothing –  preferably a sundress or loose flowing pants and t-shirt along with sandals. Bring along your favourite dark/black g-string if you want good tan lines (see image) We have disposables, however unflattering they may be! PLEASE NOTE: We can not take responsibility for lost items of jewelry, please leave all valuables at home. Incidences of people mistakenly believing they’ve left their rings in our change-room and realising later that it was left elsewhere have occurred.
This has caused distress to our staff, please rather leave watches and jewelry at home!

Following the tan application, same day, DO NOT:
Wash your hands or drip water on yourself
Wear tight clothing, socks, jeans, bra or shoes
Exercise or sweat
Swim or
Apply moisturizer/anything wet to the skin (powder/pencil type makeup is FINE) Moisturising hands, feet or face after 3 hours is ok as the product has taken effect

REGULAR Tan: 8-12 Hours later-
Post-tan shower – 

After at least 8 hours you may shower. How to wash: Use a soft sponge (not exfoliator) covered in soap, wash well! The colour guide/bronzer in the spray-on product must come off. This will mark your clothing if you don’t wash it off it properly. Wash a few times in order to avoid the marks on your white towels or clothing. Your tan has developed so its in your skin, the product must be washed off. Do not be alarmed at the brown colour swirling down the drain, like any tint there is excess product that must be rinsed off.
EXPRESS Tan: Leave on for: 2.5 hours for a light tan, 3 hours medium, 4 hours darkest.
See instructions above for washing. This tan is NOT at its optimal broze level at the time of washing, it still takes 12 to 24 hours to complete the process.

Maintenance of your Tan:
Tried & Tested tip to avoid patchy dry skin after spray tanning: Replace your shower soap with any brand of Aqueous cream, this should become your detergent in the shower. Soaps dry out skin! Aqueous cream contains a detergent and is used to bath babies. Afterwards start moisturising with Nutraderm®.  This method is a tried and tested way to maintain very moist skin and resulting in the most natural fading of the tan. This can be done indefinitely for ultimate moisturising of the skin! Both available at Clicks, Wellness Warehouse or pharmacies. Dont use this combo on the morning of your spray tan as the Nutraplus and Aqueous will block the spray tan, use soap and no cream. After your tan has developed you may wash again with foamy soap only to remove the product off your skin (only use soap on those two occasions)

Submersion in hot tub or swimming pool can fade the tan slightly.
Use of a loofah,  scrub, mitt, etc. for daily washing will fade the tan – not recommended.
Wax, shaving or Depilatory hair removal products (Nair, Veet,) will remove a light layer of the tan – use sharp blade.
Band Aids or sticky tape will pull off the colour
Alcohol based sun block will fade the colour
Chlorine or salt water swimming will bleach out the tan
Fruit acids/peels will fade the tan significantly

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