1. Will the spray tan make me go orange?

This always depends on the tan technician.  The tan solution is available in a few different shades. A lighter natural sun kissed look can be achieved or you can request a darker bronze. The tan result is dependent on your natural skin colour. If the colour is too dark for your natural tone then it can look orange in the hands of an inexperienced technician. I have three years experience with this!

1.a How does DHA work (spray tan active ingredient) Why doesn’t it last longer?

DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with the dead cells located in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. As the sugar interacts with the dead skin cells, a color change occurs. This change usually lasts about five to seven days from the initial application.

Every day, millions of dead skin cells are sloughed off or worn away from the surface of your skin. In fact, every 35 to 45 days, you have an entirely new epidermis. This is why tans from sunless- or self-tanning lotions will gradually fade – as the dead cells are worn away, so is your tan. For this reason, most of these products suggest that you reapply the sunless- or self-tanner about every three to seven days to maintain your “tan.”

2. Is airbrush tanning safe for my skin?

Yes spray tanning is definitely the safe way to  get a gorgeous tan without the sun. Being UVB/UVA free there is no damage to the skin. As your skin cells naturally exfoliate off in the shower and on your clothing so does the tan.

3. Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, the spray tan can be used by clients with sensitive skin types.

4. How long does it take to be sprayed?

A tan is complete within 15mins! Norvell Tan is quick drying and water based.

5. How long will my tan last?

The colour lasts up to 10 days and exfoliates away naturally with the dead skin  cells. Good maintenance and using a good moisturiser will prolong your tan.

6. Can pregnant or breastfeeding women be sprayed?


7. Do I have to be completely nude?

Its up to the client, some may wear a full costume, their bikini, underwear, g-string or they can go naked if they wish. (Females only please)

8. When I first showered I noticed some colour washing down the sink?

The excess colour that washes away is the bronzer guide – this is normal. The DHA is colourless and your natural colour will be developed within the skin cells and will continue to deepen and last at least a week.

9. How often should I moisturize after my spray tan?

Every day is advisable, this maintains the tan and will nourish your skin. Get some Nutraplus cream.

10. When do I shave my legs/arms?

Its best to shave prior to your spray tan, when you shave afterward it removes a light layer of the tan. (This only applies to those who regularly shave)

11. Will you spray tan my face?

Yes. A light layer is applied to the face.

12. Will tanning solution stain my clothes or sheets?

Natural fibres will wash out, anything nylon or polyester will stain permanently. Its advisable to wear black or dark colours to be safe. Bring a loose top and loose track pants in winter or a loose summer dress in the warmer months with flip flops.

13. Do jacuzzi’s and swimming pools affect the spray tan?

If you are immersing in water for long periods of time this makes the skin cells rub off rapidly and therefore the tan is removed faster.

14. How do I make a booking?

Go to the contact page to book a perfectly safe golden tan!

15. What are the payment methods?

Either cash or card.

16. My skin is very white, am I able to choose from different shades?

Yes, you can choose from about 5 shades – go to this page to find out more.

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