The Golden Ratio for Eyebrows

Consultation process for applying permanent eyebrows: The permanent makeup therapists at The Urban Beauty Lounge use this method to achieve the perfect brow shape for each individual wanting their brows enhanced. A combination of this technique and listening to what the person wants will help us achieve that perfect brow to suit your face. It’s recommended that you show up to your appointment with your brows how you usually wear them, so that the technician can see how you want them to look. We will advise on the perfect shape for you, as well as taking your personal taste into account.
Once the shape has been defined we outline the template using a brow pencil – this is the border of the brow area we will be enhancing for you using either the Hair Stroke Technique or the Powder Fill Technique

We also offer a tinting and threading service to finish off your brand new brows!

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Principle for Eyebrows

1. The beginning of the brows goes from a straight line from the side of your nose
2. The arch should be from the tip of your nose through your pupil
3. The end is a line from your outer nose through the outer eye corner

Generally, following these key points will help to guide a basic shape into your brows, especially if you have vaguely shaped brows.




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