Why are clean lashes important?

Due to an unfortunate upsurge in clients arriving with unwashed lashes, this causes delays in the treatment time, leaving the client’s lashes sparser than they should be! We have decided to introduce Lash Health Month at The Urban Beauty Lounge.

Please note:

  • Please arrive with freshly washed lashes using the lash wash brush as per the image (sold at Urban)
  • Gently use the lash wash brush in a downards motion in the shower or bath to foam up the lashes and rinse, repeat until the foam is white
  • Everyone naturally loses 4 lashes per eye per day, not washing is a dangerous way to stop lashes from falling out. It is a stubborn myth we come across in our day to day experience. Natural oil buildup on your lashes will gradually degrade the adhesive and have the opposite effect!
  • Please ensure that no eye makeup is present, no powder, foundation or mascara on your eyelid area as this drastically reduces the adhesion of the extensions therefore resulting in lower retention (costs you money!)
  • Eyelash mites: these critters exist in optimum conditions inside the eyelid where oil, makeup and grime has built up.
    After the application of extensions your lash line (roots) are more crowded than normal which might create a breeding ground for bacteria or mites. This is easily preventable for those who regularly wash their eyelids!
  • Certain conditions lead to lash loss over time, strangling the natural lash follicle due to poor hygiene. We all want to retain as many of our natural lashes as possible! It is easily preventable with a gentle foaming cleanse once a day or at least 3 times a week thorougly.
  • Blepharitis, mites and such are manifested in flaking eyelids and itchy uncomfortable eyes. The lashes will be brittle and easily be brushed right out of the follicle. Please ask your therapist to inform you if any such symptoms are visible.
  • The most important time to wash your lashes is on the day of your fill, the adhesive requires an oil free clean and smooth surface to cling to. Please skip the application of your eyelash growth serum on this day.

Lastly, none of the above is intended to scare! We at Urban wish to give you the fullest and healthiest eyelash extensions! Please ask your therapist about the Oil Free Makeup Remover, Lash Wash Brush, Foaming Cleanser and Eyelash Growth Serum mentioned in this post.


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