Aftercare: Eyebrows

After Care for Permanent Eyebrows:

What to expect and important instructions:

Microblading Aftercare:
Your therapist has applied the appropriate post treatment products after your Microblading treatment.
Your aftercare is as follows:

  • DO NOT touch, wet or apply any other product for the following 5 days AFTER your treatment as this can effect your healed result & disrupt the healing process & pigment retention.
  • ONLY AFTER 5 days you can apply the barrier cream provided 3 to 4 times a day with a clean cotton bud for approximately 10 days.
  • Clean brows with a clean damp cotton pad ONLY.
  • Remember that peeling, flaking, fading & loss of pigment can occur during the next 28 days but DO NOT pick any scabs as this can effect your outcome.
  • All of the above can happen & is completely normal, equally you may have little or no peeling/scabbing.
  • Your follow up procedure is vital & part of the process 4 weeks after your initial procedure.Microblading Hairstroke brows Cape Town


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