Keratin Brow Booster & Lashlifts

Urban Brow Booster

There’s no doubt your eyebrows are the most defining feature on your face. Many women face the same problem – patchy brows that need considerable help trying to look thicker and properly shaped. In the last five years, microblading – the process of semi-permanently tattooing individual, short brushstrokes onto your brows to replicate hairs – has taken the beauty scene by storm.

But the invasive Microblading process is not for everyone.

That bushy brushed-up look is so hot right now! This topically applied treatment uses your natural brow hair to LIFT its roots upwards and keep the hair held upwards, alongside the Henna pigmenting it then colours in the naked skin thus leaving your brows looking wider/fuller and even recreating an arch. The lift lasts 8 weeks, the Henna tint will stay for a few weeks on the hair and two weeks on the skin.


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