Threading rather than Waxing

Threading is a hair removal process that has little contact with the skin as the thread is gliding over the skin, rather than sticking to the skin. Waxing, however, coats the skin and hair, pulling both when the hair is removed. Waxing involves using a wax strip to trap the hair and pull it from the roots. This “ripping”/pullng effect can cause sensitive skin to turn red and feel very tender. Since the wax is applied directly to the skin, it may irritate a person with sensitive skin. Also, the wax might contain resins, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances, which can cause adverse reactions, such as rashes or itchiness.

Repeated waxing may strip off skin barrier, making it sensitive over a period of time, resulting in thinning of skin and early aging.

Why Threading?

Unlike waxing, eyebrow threading involves more precise control while shaping your brows. It can remove even tiniest hairs and is suitable for people with sensitive skin

It allows greater precision, so there is less possibility to find those little hair strands after threading.

  • less painful than waxing
  • no risk of burns and swelling
  • results can last slightly longer at an average of 4 to 5 week
  • may also be a good option if you have sensitive skin or are prone to acne (because it causes less irritation compared to other hair removal methods)

Eyebrow threading risks

If done incorrectly, can result in slight pain, irritation and ingrown hairs takes slightly longer to complete than waxing.

As with both procedures that involves disturbing the skin, irritation may occur.

Why shaving may not be the best option

While perhaps the easiest method of hair removal, shaving isn’t the best option for your eyebrows. For one, the thin, delicate skin around your eyes is more prone to nicks and cuts from sharp blades. It’s also difficult to use standard-sized razors in such a small area.

At The Urban Beauty Lounge, we perform threading on the eyebrows, lip, chin, full face.


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